2011 Retail Outlook

A retail services company like Buxton is typically a good indicator of how the retail sector will look in the coming year, as retailers work with a company like ours to plan for future growth and strategic marketing. At the end of this month Buxton will close out its most profitable year in its 16-year history. If you don't think a single analytics firm is a good enough indicator, turn to the media.

Recently the headlines are peppered with far more positive stories of retail concepts expanding than those of bankruptcy woes. Just a few that we have seen recently include:

Converse to open retail stores

Kohl's opens 21 stores in 15 states

7-Eleven continues aggressive growth

The bottom line is retailers realize that due diligence and studying who their customers are, and where more of those customers are located is an extremely important step to improving profitability and decreasing mistakes.

Is your company doing the proper consumer research before making real estate, marketing and merchandising decisions?

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