Advertising During the Holidays

I noticed this holiday season that Coca Cola had not been running their normal advertisements with the polar bears on television for the holiday season. Although we all know the Coca Cola brand, it is a staple in the beverage world, and they are a top choice when I am buying drinks, there is a feeling of disappointment when I think of not seeing their advertisements this holiday season.

This is a good example of how efficient Coca Cola has been when marketing to their customers during the holidays in past years. It is important for companies, even in our tough economic times, to make sure they are getting the right message out to their customers so they will buy their product this holiday season. For smaller organizations that do not have the brand recognition as Coca Cola does, it is pertinent that you know and understand who your customer base is and then to market to them repeatedly. This can be achieved through customer analytics and will help retailers bring in much needed profit this holiday season.

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