Bringing Customers to Your Community

Last week I met with a client city to discuss their retail recruitment efforts. For the last four years they have been recruiting retailers and it is finally starting to pay off. More than 130,000 square feet of retail has located in their community over the last two years. What I found interesting was this small community of about 19,000 is the retail destination for many neighboring smaller cities making their trade area population more than 120,000. This city has done something very unique when it comes to bringing customers to the retailers. They have set up a bus transportation system that makes several stops throughout their community at their new municipal golf course, the Super Walmart and other retail around Walmart as well as a few other places. This type of service makes perfect sense for a community whose trade area population typically only has one vehicle per household. The cost? $1.25. What a unique way to make sure the retailers are getting the customer traffic they need.

Journey Awareness Persona Economic Development/Elected Official City Government