City of Fort Worth uses Analytics to Open Pet Adoption Center

The City of Fort Worth and PetsMart Charities is opening a pet adoption center through a one of a kind public-private partnership. The center is set to open tomorrow, May 1, 2010.

In order to address the overwhelming number of adoptable animals turning up in the custody of the City of Fort Worth animal shelter, the City has worked with citizen groups to come up with a very creative solution. The Citizen/City coalition took what would prove to be very critical first steps to pull together preliminary assessments and market analysis to quantify the demand for pet adoption.

Armed with the assessments and analysis from Buxton, this Citizen/City coalition was able to turn to the private sector with an attractive opportunity to partner in providing a first class solution to the community's pet problem. As a result the city of Fort Worth will be able to expand their pet adoption services without capital investment, while simultaneously drastically decreasing the number of animals that have to be put down on an annual basis. This is a huge win for all involved and illustrates the power of data-driven decision making and public/private partnerships.

In order to find the right potential locations for this pet adoption facility, Buxton analyzed all past pet adopters from the city of Fort Worth as well as key private and non-profit pet adoption organizations in Fort Worth.  By understanding who these adopters were, where they were coming from (which extended as a drive-time trade area well beyond Fort Worth's jurisdiction), and marrying that information with proprietary data on pet ownership, Buxton was able to build a site screening model that successfully identified the ultimate location of the new adoption facility.

Pet adoption is an increasing concern across the country. It costs a city a lot of money to run and maintain an effective pet adoption facility. Fort Worth, as it so often does, was able to find a creative solution to the problem. We at Buxton would challenge your city to do the same. So whether it is a pet adoption center, a library network, or any other city service we encourage cities to employ and approach the factors in data-driven decision making. Buxton can be a partner in providing the analytics for your city's data-driven decision making.

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