Does American Airlines Know Their Customer?

Buxton is based in Fort Worth, Texas, so each time the news is on there is a new report on the ongoing hardships of American Airlines (also Fort Worth-based). I overheard on the morning news last week that AA was going to focus on their customers more.

It seems to me that AA might need to identify who their customers are first off. They have plenty of data on their customers - we all know what information is given to book a flight. AA has one of the longest-standing loyalty programs with their AAdvantage program. So taking it even further, they know who their best customers are.

I'd love to see AA employ an analytical approach to their strategy to emerge from bankruptcy protection. I know they face a thousand other challenges with fuel prices, older planes, union negotiations, and so on, but what's the plan for the future?

Fort Worth and the State of Texas are poised to provide an economic incentive package to ensure AA facilities remain open here in the city, but I want to know what they plan for the long-term. Is AA going to learn from past mistakes and strategically run their business for the future?

What advice would you give the struggling airline?

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