Empower Yourself Through Technology

Happy New Year! I’m sure you are like most that have already made a personal New Year’s Resolution, but if you haven’t made a professional New Year’s Resolution yet perhaps I can offer a suggestion…

Empower yourself.

Or better yet…

Empower yourself at your organization through technology.

The technology available to us all in 2012 is amazing.  It’s almost cliché to hear about how much technology has advanced in the last 10 years – smartphones, iPads, video games, laptops, Facebook, etc., etc.  We all talk about how much better it makes our lives – especially our personal lives - but rarely do we reflect on how technology like this can empower you – the individual – to become a hero within your organization.

Outkick the Coverage’s Clay Travis brilliantly opined recently about how Twitter has the power to revolutionize the world of journalism, giving the writer the power to drive readership – not the paper or website he or she writes for:  http://outkickthecoverage.com/2011-belonged-to-twitter.php

It’s a tremendous read that really lets you see how – with the power of the latest, readily available technology – a journalist can empower himself to generate increased eyeballs to their work, thus increasing visits to their company’s website, and therefore increasing revenue for both the paper and the journalist.

The journalist – if he or she harnesses the power of Twitter – doesn’t have to wait for the paper’s marketing department to generate readership, or depend on the quality – or lack thereof – of the other writers on staff that effect the popularity/prestige of the paper, and therefore effect readership.  The journalist can empower themselves to effect the success of the company and himself.

You can do the same at your company.  It might not be Twitter.  However, the technology is out there for you to empower yourself to effect your company’s and your individual success – go find it.

Not to make this a shameless plug for Buxton – because honestly this is not – but our web-based solution SCOUT is empowering our clients to effect success for their organizations, and therefore themselves.

And when I say “client” I am referring to the individual person at the organization that Buxton works with, not the company itself.  Many individual users within a company will use SCOUT, but they will use it for entirely different reasons – all to help them make better business decisions for their company – which empowers both the client, and his or her company.

Every individual at a company can achieve success for both for themselves and the organization by knowing the company’s customers with greater precision and predictability.

Once that customer intelligence foundation is built and put into SCOUT an individual can access that intelligence to produce solutions that will help their company drive improved decision-making in:

  • Market Planning

  • Marketing

  • Operations

  • Merchandising

  • Finance

Can SCOUT empower you?  Maybe, maybe not.  However, take a few minutes to visit our website and find out for yourself.  After your research, if you think it can help you be a hero, then contact us.  If not, go find the technology that will help you be a hero.

The technology is out there in 2012.  But you have to find it.  It all starts with Empowering Yourself.

Become a Hero for your Organization in 2012!

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