How Do You Keep Citizens From Shopping Outside Your City?

One of the questions we hear most often from cities is "How can we keep citizens from shopping outside of the city limits?" Recently, Buxton was retained by the City of Asheboro, NC to help city leaders recruit the right retailers to prohibit their citizens from spending money elsewhere.

Learn how the city was trying to solve and what Buxton actually delivered to help work toward solving the problem.

The data and analysis are used not only to recruit specific retailers, but can help local businesses gain a better understanding of their current and potential customers. A sample of the data delivered to Asheboro city leaders includes propensity's (over 100 = high likelihood, under 100 = less than average) to shop for specific items. Among the numbers in the report:

* Apparel: Spend $150+ on jeans/dungarees for child less than 1 year; bought a men’s suit within the last 12 months (74.2).

* Automotive: Most recently acquired a full-size van (153.2); most recently acquired foreign vehicle — Jaguar (33).

* Computers: Household owns one personal computer (102); use Internet (95.9).

* Print media: Read front page of newspaper daily (95); read a magazine — Four Wheeler (137), Parenting (106), Discover (89), People Magazine (87), The Economist (54).

* Shopping: Redeem cents-off coupons at newsstands/tobacco stands (138); purchased rifle for hunting during the last 12 months (137); used cents-off coupons for tobacco products (134); purchased shotgun for hunting during the last 12 months (130); own shotgun for hunting (117); own rifle for hunting (117).

Retail is an extremely important component to the quality of life for citizens. How are you keeping citizens from shopping outside of your city?

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