Internet Marketing - Don’t Just Focus on Youth

Here are some interesting facts from the eMarketer website, proving that internet marketing shouldn’t just focus on the young of heart.

About nine out of 10 US consumers ages 12 to 24 use the Internet.

More than one-half of those ages 65 to 69 are online as well, and Internet-using 70-to-74-year-olds make up 45% of people that age.

The biggest increase in Internet use since 2005 was in the 70-to-75-year-old age group; just over one-quarter of them were online in 2005.

eMarketer estimates that 78.8% of 12-to-17-year-olds went online at least once per month in 2008.

Also noted is that Internet users in their 20s did not dominate every aspect of online life. Generation X was the group most likely to bank, shop and look for health information online, and baby boomers were just as likely as Gen Yers to make travel reservations on the Web.

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