Is Your Community at a Crossroads?

As a kid growing up in southeastern Oklahoma, Crossroads Mall was our first stop for shopping when visiting the “Big City”. Before visiting Crossroads, I had never seen a “Food Court” or experienced an Orange Julius. At the time, Crossroads was anchored by Sears and Montgomery Ward and had eclectic stores like Spencer’s along with a large arcade with bumper cars and Skee-Ball. During my college years, continued to thrive with solid anchors like Sanger-Harris and Dillards.

My, how things have changed - – this article will give you a feel for what is not taking place with the mall.

Crossroads is not unique in today’s retail environment. Malls built in the 1970's were exciting and new. Today, many haven’t had major renovations in years, and even those were mere facelifts. As consumers, our demands have changed and communities across the country are saddled with hundreds of thousands of feet of declining retail space, and few prospects for rejuvenation. An albatross nesting on prime real-estate!

Fortunately, many communities are becoming aware that they can impact the retail health in their markets, but it takes an aggressive, pro-active stance. It does not take place in a vacuum and it can not occur without a long-range retail strategy. During a recent webcast for communities on atttracting retail to downtown and neighborhood rdevelopments, Bill Shelton and I discussed in detail how communities are embracing change and capturing the opportunities change presents. I hope you will go to our website and view this recorded training – it takes about 50 minutes, but the information may be useful if you’re facing declining shopping centers and seeking avenues to stem that decline.

Is your community at a Crossroads?

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