It’s important for a City to find its niche

In our work with city governments across the country, we’ve seen many creative ways for communities to meet their redevelopment goals. In my opinion, this is a great example of a City doing things right.

Roanoke, Texas is close to home for Buxton. This is a small suburb of 6,000 residents, 20 or so miles north of Fort Worth, faced with the real danger of becoming just another community swallowed by their much larger neighbors. But their work on becoming the “Unique Dining Capitol of Texas” is paying dividends in a big way. This is a great example of a municipality creating a vision, adopting policies to meet that vision, and implementing those programs accordingly. In what many are saying is the worst economy in 70 years, Roanoke has added several new restaurants, seen improvements on several others, and added several locally owned shops. Their tools - façade grants, a street project, a known restaurant to act as an anchor, and clearly defined goals wrapped with clever marketing - have given them the ability to become a “destination” main street. And through this process they have virtually eliminated the possibility of losing their small town identity.

Journey Awareness Persona Economic Development/Elected Official City Government