Know Your Customer, Talk to Your Customer, Repeat

A recent headline read “Despite tough times, some jewelers are thriving” so I decided to take a peek and see if there were any pearls of wisdom to be had. Two things jumped out:

A jeweler in Iowa pointed out that no matter where the store is located, the owner needs to be aggressive about getting customers in the door. Those who are waiting for clients to ‘trip over’ their front doorstep are probably missing out according to the source.

A jeweler in Houston is working to keep their name in the public's mind through continued advertising and community involvement. You have to work very hard to keep your name out. You can’t stand still or everyone passes you by she reportedly stated.

I don’t know if “everyone” that “passes you by” refers to the competition or to the customer, but it well could be both. Regardless, the message is clear. Know your customer, talk to your customer, and repeat the process.

Sound wisdom in any economy and especially true in today’s environment.

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