Know Your Pros and Cons

As you work to market your community to retailers, it is essential that you understand your community and the consumers that are within a potential retailers trade area. A simple way of looking at this is to make sure you know your “pros” and “cons.”

Understanding the cons of your community will help you understand which retailers would not benefit from opening a location in your community. Most importantly, this will save you time and resources. Too many communities say that they want several big box retailers, but they do not acknowledge the fact that some of those retailers would fail in their communities. No matter how well you sell yourself, a retailer will not move into an area that they know will be unsuccessful.

That is why it is important to know the selling points (“pros”) of your community and what you have to offer. You can use this information to find retailers that typically locate in communities like yours. Also, this will allow you to be truly effective in selling your community to retailers of all varieties.

Take some time to sit down and get to know your community! In the end, this is what you really need to know.

Journey Awareness Persona Economic Development/Elected Official City Government