Positioning Your Community for Change

There is no denying the fact that economic times are tough. Individuals, businesses and communities alike are all feeling the crunch. The instinctive reaction in times like this is to lay low, protect your assets and wait until economic conditions improve. However, this mindset will not do anything to stimulate the future of your community. Rather than sticking your head in the sand and waiting for the storm to pass, now is the time to act pro actively to produce a positive change in your local economy.

I recently ran across an article about a community in Oregon that has decided to take a fresh approach to the challenges facing their city. They gathered people from all walks of life to discuss new ways to position the community for change. In the process, they discovered new opportunities to market their city and take advantage of the untapped resources that lay right in their neighborhoods. What can you do now to make sure that your community is taking proactive steps toward a brighter future?

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