SCOUT Update: A Q&A with Buxton’s Director of Systems Engineering

Buxton has been listening to the needs of its clients and has made major advancements in its web-based real estate platform, SCOUT. In this post we’ve interviewed Buxton’s Director of Systems Engineering, Bob Fulgham, to get his take on the latest enhancements to SCOUT.

Q. Describe SCOUT in 10 words or less.

A. SCOUT is a Web Application to conduct analytics and distribute results across an organization.

Q. What is the most under-rated feature in SCOUT?

A. I don’t think people utilize the archiving and file storage features enough. One of the initial features in SCOUT was the ability to have all of your real estate files in one central repository for the entire real estate team to view. It’s extremely efficient when utilized.

Q. What is the most used feature?

A. The creation of demographic reports is used frequently. The right-click ability to run a number of demo reports is easy to use and provides our clients with very detailed information.

Q. Is there a feature that everyone should use?

A. In addition to the demo reports, it’s very easy to count and view core customers. This allows for quick reviews of potential locations.

Q. Speaking of features everyone should be using, talk about the Market Optimizer feature in SCOUT.

A. The Market Optimizer will deliver market optimization studies to efficiently lay out a store network within a defined market. The optimizer will score hundreds of potential scenarios and present the optimal results to the user, based on criteria they select such as minimum sales threshold and maximum cannibalization threshold.

Q. What’s the next thing on the horizon for SCOUT?

A. Something we’re extremely excited to release in a very short time, is the ability for our Direct Marketing and Database Management clients to have the ability to pull counts and names themselves. We’re giving the client the full ability to do this on their own, without having to go through Client Services to request a list. I think this is going to be very well-received.

Q. How has the buyer of SCOUT changed since its launch in 2004?

A. More users are performing their own analytics and analyses on SCOUT rather than simply distributing and viewing Buxton analysis. Users can now pull more data and run their own analysis with tools such as site scoring through SCOUT.

Q. How has the company’s position of SCOUT evolved?

A. SCOUT is evolving to serve the needs of all verticals within Buxton as well as the traditional real estate vertical.

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