Selling in a Lousy Economy – An Insider’s Point of View

Are you interested in taking a new outlook into selling in today’s economy? Take a bit to look into different points of view from a variety of companies regarding sales tactics during an economic downturn.

This article offers valuable insight into how companies are going above and beyond what they normally do to understand and help their customers. Several individuals from different companies offer ideas for “how to sell in a lousy economy.” As you read through the testimonials, pay attention to what these testimonials say about knowing their customers. For example, Peter Foss, President of Olympic sponsorship and corporate sales for GE says “I go to our customers and say, We'll give you all the economic data of what's going on, what's driving this in raw materials, and what a fair increase would be. We'll help educate you.”

One point is made clear: companies are spending more and more time dedicating themselves to helping their customers and truly understanding them. Your company can work with the changing economic times by working to indulge itself in your customers. Try to put yourself in their shoes – you will be amazed at what you can find!

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