Staying Up to Date

Yahoo recently launched several new upgrades to its advertising system to position itself as a direct competitor with Google and other similar companies. The new system uses the data that Yahoo collects to aide advertisers in directly targeting and marketing to their specific audiences.

This article brings several things to mind that every retailer should consider. First of all, retailers should consistently think of their customers. Google is known to be the leader in online advertising and pay per click, but Yahoo is bringing in more features to meet their customers needs. Analyzing your customers purchasing patterns, usage and psychographic characteristics will help you to better meet their needs.

Second, think about new updates – whether it is store updates, product changes, new marketing techniques or whatever suits your company best at the current time. Make sure you are up to date and meeting your customer’s expectations. Finally, keep up with your competitors and be knowledgeable about what they are doing and their offerings.

To read the full article about Yahoo, click here.

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