The Local Trump Card

Local is big and getting even bigger. The yearning for freshness, taste, support of the local economy, knowing the source, and reduced environmental impact has made the local movement one of the biggest trends in years. In a recent study by Mintel, 52% of respondents said it is more important to them to buy local produce than organic. Given the popularity of organic products, this shows just how big locally-grown is.

To capture the growing market of consumers wanting local products, do your research. Consumer propensity reports are a great way to show specific items your customers want to purchase.

For example, women are much more motivated to purchase locally-grown products out of support to the local economy than men (14 percentage point difference). Women also assign greater importance to freshness and taste.

Likewise, shoppers in small towns are significantly more motivated by support of the local economy and freshness than those living in urban areas (11 percentage point difference). Among green-minded shoppers, knowing the source and reduced environmental impact are chief motivators (19 percentage point difference with shoppers with no particular environmental concerns).

These statistics show that regardless of the all-around popularity of local foods — and the countless opportunities they offer to connect with shoppers — retailers still have to carefully match messaging and positioning to their unique shopper audience.

Know your customer. Drive money to your bottom line. Easy as that.

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