The Long & Short of Census Changes

At Buxton, the data supplied by or developed based on the U.S. Census is considered in nearly every project we complete for our clients. As a partner to over 1,900 retailers, restaurants, city governments, healthcare providers and consumer packaged goods manufacturers, we have completed our own research of the changes that the Census Bureau has slated for the 2010 Census to fully understand how the data that we use in our projects will be impacted. How will the changes to the data collection of the U.S. Census impact us? We may not need the data on the kitchen sink, but information about commuting patterns, education, languages spoken, income, ages of homes, values of homes and rents as examples can be very important to our clients’ decisions.

Read the article written by our Director of Research, Juli Zoota, Ph.D., that details the changes in the census forms and how it affects Buxton's work.

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