Tips for ICSC preparation - Part 2

A continuation of tips to help make ICSC a success:

4. Don’t take large binders of information. Take a one sheet or condensed information source such as CD or Flash drive to leave with the retailer. Your one sheet could be an areal map with current development areas listed. Page should showcase: project sites, acreage, name of developer, and market potential of the area.

5. Attend seminars, sessions and workshops to get new ideas.

6. Sell your trade area, not just political boundaries. Let them know exactly where you are located (major freeway intersections, landmarks, etc).

7. On calls, speak the retailer's language - contact the retail site selector for your region and let them know you have XXX amount of retail dollar demand. If it’s a restaurant, use the dollar demand specific to lunch, brunch, food away from home, etc.

Journey Awareness Persona Economic Development/Elected Official City Government