Tips for ICSC preparation - Part 4

This is the last post in a series of tips for making ICSC conferences successful for public sector officials:

11. At the point of conversation you are selling the opportunity. Your goal is to either get them to visit the site and/or agree to review your specific opportunity as a follow up.

12. With the package you need to include aerial shots (if you have them) and detail as where they would go and what they would look like in your community. As much as possible you need to let them see themselves in the picture.

13. Don’t get discouraged if the answer is "no" today, you are absolutely in a sales role and need to continue to touch base with that retailer periodically to keep your community top-of-mind. There is no substitute for that relationship building. You only need to land one retailer to begin creating synergy. You will need to be unwavering in this process.

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