Tips on preparing for ICSC

With the ICSC Western Division conference just around the corner, we've been asked by many public sector professionals to provide tips on preparing for this conference. Over the next few days we'll be posting tips to make ICSC a success.

The main purpose for ICSC is to network and begin to form relationships with retailers, developers and brokers in a position to make a site selection decision about your trade area. Your job as a community is not to persuade them, but instead, to educate them on what your community has to offer and why a location decision might be a financially sound, and a mutually beneficial decision for both parties.

1. Have specific targets in mind - prior to the show. You may look through the membership directory and attendee list of retailers, developers and brokers attending the conference to determine appointments and identify retail concepts that fit your community.

2. Be realistic - do some research on the retailers you are focused on and make sure that they fit the demographics, psychographics, and current development structure of your projects.

3. Talk to the right people - if you are an ICSC member, you can get the contact information from the membership directory. You can also speak to the scheduler or assistant of the retail contact to make appointments.

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