To Close or Not to Close - Making Tough Decisions Regarding Delivery of Public Services

Across the country city budgets continue to tighten. As budgets tighten cities continue to cut back on the services they provide citizens just as the demand for those services is beginning to increase. The effect dramatically impacts the citizen’s overall quality of life in a negative way. Two regular and early targets of service contraction, staff reductions or outright elimination are libraries and parks and recreation.

This week officials in Indianapolis announced that they would do everything they could to keep all of their libraries open but that there has to be a long term plan – not just a stop gap measure.

Like Indianapolis, many cities understand the value of their libraries and the critical role they play in the stability of the community at large. And like Indianapolis, many cities struggle to even begin to develop a comprehensive long term operational strategy that allows public services and programs to be delivered with utmost efficiency and effectiveness.

Buxton has a unique solution to this problem. It is a solution that has been developed and proven in the private sector and is now increasingly being brought to bear in the public sector. The solution is Customer Analytics. Buxton’s Customer Analytic methodologies allow retailers, businesses and healthcare providers to understand who their customers are, where their customers are, what their customers want and the value of those customers. When the customer is understood operational efficiencies are gained, redundancies are eliminated, tough decisions regarding closures can be made based upon business intelligence and future growth can be strategically planned and managed.

We feel strongly that Buxton’s unique customer-driven marketing, merchandising, operational and location optimization insights can be utilized by library and parks and recreation systems across the U.S. for more timely, sustainable and effective decision making.

Take a closer look at how the city of Fort Worth is employing Customer Analytic methodologies to make tough decisions and deliver services more efficiently by accessing these two archived presentations:

- You can hear the reaction to Buxton’s library analytics by the Fort Worth City Council and Mayor in this video from their February 9 pre-council meeting. To access this video please click here.

- You may also access the archived webinar, "Getting a Read on Your Borrowers: How Public Libraries Use Analytics to Drive Key Business Decisions".

If your city is struggling with the types of challenges that Indianapolis is faced with we would encourage you to reach out to Buxton, sooner than later, so that we can develop a solution for your city that can be implemented this year.

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