Tractor Supply Company & Rural Market Trade Areas

One retailer that is not struggling these days is Tractor Supply Company. TSC opened 86 stores last year and plans on opening 75 locations this year. The rural market has been increasingly fertile during this economic downturn which is why retailers like TSC have succeeded when others have failed. The typical rural customer has a lot to do with the success of TSC. CEO Jim Wright describes “the stores’ customers as frugal, with disposable income they don’t spend recklessly and great credit they don’t generally use”. This is exactly the kind of thing I would expect to hear from TSC, Orscheln, and other similar concept stores. This is exactly what has Lowe’s opening smaller footprint stores in much smaller rural markets with big trade areas. The rural market is basically unsaturated at a time when most urban markets and proving to be very resilient in this economic downturn.

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