With all of the Vacant Retail Space Available, Temptation Lingers for Retailers

C-level executives at top retailers are tempted to expand in these uncertain times but many haven’t pulled the trigger. Why? Well the answer is quite simple... Lack of Confidence!

I don’t know about you but I rarely make a decision if I don’t have all the facts and completely believe in my actions. The same holds true for retailers. One way to grow with confidence is to have all the facts. Topping that list is the knowledge of your “BEST CUSTOMERS” and if there are enough of them in these vacant trade areas for a successful store. Retailers who understand the characteristics about their best customers from a demographic and psychographic stand point can make more confident decisions in real estate, marketing, and merchandising. Buxton’s custom customer analytic solutions continue to provide top retailers with a useable complex analysis so they can make confident decisions.

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