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Buxton Analytics Platform


The Future of Customer Analytics is here.

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>> BILL: You have two ways to grow your business, add locations and improve the locations of existing locations. You think you have the right approach, but wouldn’t you rather know? Who are my best customers? How are they different? Where can I find more that look just like them? How should I reach them? How do I grow my business with confidence? We took everything we know about our clients, their customers, and our technology, and developed a new platform with one goal in mind. Getting you the answers you need to grow. Buxton, this is your analytics platform. A collection of simple, easy to use, persona driven apps designed with your entire team in mind. Intuitive enough for everyone to use. It connects your organization around a common understanding of your customers, markets, and performance drivers. These are your best customers. Here is how they are different. Here is how you find more that are just like them. This is how you reach them. Get the right answers, make great decisions, drive results. This is how you grow your business. Buxton, answers for growth.

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