RECon Recap

Buxton recaps ICSC RECon

In this video Buxton senior vice president, Bill Stinneford, talks about Buxton’s new strategic relationship with CoStar as well as the launch of the new Mobile Insights platform.

We’re coming to you here from ICSC RECon 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It’s been a tremendous show. We’ve got over 450 meetings. That’s the most meetings we’ve ever had, and I think the reason is just the continued good work that we provide for our clients and solutions but also the new technology that we’ve developed, new products that we’ve developed, as well as our relationship with CoStar. This is sort of our Super Bowl, to be able to show those new releases, and our clients and prospects are very excited about what is possible now through all that development.

The CoStar-Buxton strategic relationship is revolutionary. We’re honored that they would choose us as the leaders in our industry to to pair with them as the leader in their industry. This changes everything. It really does. It puts everything in one place for the real estate life cycle. That’s never been able to be done before from one platform. It’s revolutionizing retail, and our clients and our prospects have clearly seen that - so excited for that CoStar integration with Buxton, and we are too.

Mobile GPS is exciting. There’s some interesting things to it. The thing to remember is we’re getting 1.8 billion pings of data a day, and we keep that over a two-year stretch. Literally geofence, run a report, get those insights instantly utilizing household-level data. It’s a game-changer, and our clients clearly see that, and so we just can’t wait to get after, right after we get home, and continue to sign up new clients and take advantage of everything that we’re developing to help them get the answers they need to do their job.

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