Woodside Health Streamlines Acquisition and Leasing Processes with Buxton’s Tech

Woodside health case study header image

Medical office building owner and operator Woodside Health had a challenge. Since its founding in 2010, the company has made 37 acquisitions and 10 sales, primarily in the Sunbelt, and the growing commercial real estate firm wanted to use supply and demand data for medical services to help guide its future acquisitions. But trying to source all the data on their own was getting complicated. Between finding it, sifting through it, and interpreting all the layers, the process was taking too much time and producing too few results.

Woodside found the solution it needed with the Buxton Platform. Download the case study to learn how Woodside has used the platform to study potential acquisitions, support the process of filling tenant vacancies, filter through deals faster, and ultimately become even more efficient. 

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