2018 Retail and Restaurant Real Estate Outlook

The news today is full of many different opinions about the current state of the retail and restaurant industries. In this annual report, we’ll dive in to what really is going on, and how retailers and restaurants should respond – especially when it comes to their real estate strategies.

Other topics to look forward to in this report include:

  • Current State of the Retail and Restaurant Markets
  • Elephant in the Room: Store Closures
  • Hot Markets for Retail and Restaurant Openings

The Trends Shaping Real Estate Decisions

  • Experiential Events: Surveys reveal that 65 percent of brands believe that live events and experiential programs are directly related to sales, while 70 percent of attendees later became regular customers after a marketing event.
  • Mixed-Use Developments: One retail author says the new formula for success is 70 percent food, entertainment, and lifestyle experiences, with 30 percent dedicated to retail.
  • Pop-up Stores and Shorter Lease Terms: The pop-up store industry is now valued at $50 billion annually in the U.S.


We are pleased to offer this report featuring insights from industry insiders for your use in planning your real estate strategy for 2018. Download the full report to learn more about the market and industry trends that will shape the new year. 


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