February 23, 2017|Healthcare|blog

6 Ways to Put Your Healthcare Data to Work with Analytics

Retailers commonly use consumer profiles and predictive analytics to make better business decisions. This information is powered by the retailer's individual data and combined with external consumer behavior data ...


February 21, 2017|Healthcare|blog

How Healthcare Organizations Can Apply Data Like Retailers

There’s no shortage of buzzwords like “big data” in the retail world these days. But what exactly does this mean? And, how can you apply it ...


February 16, 2017|Retail|blog

Top 10 Markets for Retail Real Estate in 2017

Finding the right location to expand or launch a retail concept is a painstaking task. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer for growth, there are ways to lessen the guess ...


February 14, 2017|Retail|blog

Retailers Reinventing the Customer Experience

Despite a strong holiday season, many retailers are shuttering locations to compensate for overall decline in store sales. While both traditional and online retailers saw sales growth during the season, ...


February 10, 2017|Public Sector|blog

Marketing to Attract Grocery Stores

By Bill R. Shelton, CEcD Attracting grocery stores to historically underserved areas is a challenge; however, grocery store operators are integrating new location strategies that literally bring the store closer ...


February 08, 2017|Healthcare|blog

Why You Must Examine More Than Age When Planning Senior Care

As the baby boomer generation continues to age, the need for senior healthcare is higher now than ever before. New market forces and the expanding number of providers eager to ...


February 07, 2017|Restaurants|blog

Modest Restaurant Growth Changes Real Estate Dynamics

Research firms Technomic and The NPD Group have forecasted modest growth for restaurants this year, following a tough 2016. The main segment to benefit from a lift in sales and traffic ...


February 02, 2017|Retail|Restaurants|Healthcare|blog

How to Build a Successful Franchise Network – Tips from IFA

We recently had the opportunity to attend the 2017 International Franchise Association (IFA) annual conference. While the conference was abuzz with ways to succeed in the franchise industry, we compiled our ...


January 31, 2017|Restaurants|blog

The Fastest Growing Restaurant Chains and What’s Feeding Their Success

As consumer food trends continue to shift toward more conscious food choices and convenience at a budget friendly price, it’s no surprise the fast casual space continues to ...


January 26, 2017|Healthcare|blog

Questions to Ask Before Opening a New Healthcare Facility

Whether you’re planning to open a new primary care facility, dental clinic, ambulatory care center or a specialty health facility, you must ask yourself these questions to avoid ...


January 25, 2017|Retail|Restaurants|blog

Help Franchisees Grow Market Share with Local Store Marketing

As a franchisor, it’s increasingly important to maximize your franchise territories’ potential and help them market at the local level. You and your franchisees are invested in ...


January 19, 2017|Public Sector|blog

4 Public Sector Stories to Illustrate the Power of Customer Analytics

Are you using all the resources available to your community to increase your tax base, drive tourism and revitalize infrastructure? These are just some of the ways customer analytics can ...


January 17, 2017|Public Sector|blog

A City’s Guide to 2017 Retail Real Estate Trends

If your community is trying to attract new retail development or retain existing retailers, it’s important to understand the challenges and opportunities facing these businesses. That’s ...


January 16, 2017|Public Sector|blog

Positioning the Community for Retail: The Marketing Power of Generators

By Bill R. Shelton, CEcD Most retailers and restaurants want and need generators to help attract customers. The exceptions are those retailers that due to their size, merchandise selections, or ...


January 16, 2017|Retail|Restaurants|Healthcare|blog

3 Critical Questions to Answer if You Want to Sell More Franchises

You’ve invested the time and resources to develop a great franchise concept, but to grow your organization, you need to convince potential franchisees that it’s a ...


January 11, 2017|Retail|Restaurants|Healthcare|blog

Get Franchise Growth Insights at the 2017 International Franchise Association Conference

The 2017 International Franchise Association (IFA) annual conference brings together thousands of franchise leaders from across the globe, sharing industry insights to help grow your franchise. If you’re heading ...


January 05, 2017|Retail|blog

4 Retail Customer Analytics Stories to Start the New Year

The retail industry is prime for growth in the new year, but evolving shopping behavior, economic uncertainty and shifts in the real estate industry are driving the need for retailers ...


January 04, 2017|Retail|blog

3 Franchise Growth Success Stories Using Customer Analytics

Franchise growth is at an all-time high, and so is competition. Whether you’re looking to maximize market potential, expand into new markets, or sell new franchise territories, customer ...


December 30, 2016|Healthcare|blog

5 Must Read Healthcare Stories to Kick-off the New Year

Start your new year off right with Buxton’s favorite insights on healthcare analytics from the past year. We share everything you need to get a jump on healthcare ...


December 20, 2016|Public Sector|blog

Barriers to Development: Available Restaurant Sites

By Bill R. Shelton, CEcD The lack of adequate sites is one of the key reasons for delays in the development process. Waiting for the private sector to put together ...

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