May 18, 2017|Franchise|City Government|General|Retail|Restaurant|Healthcare|Public Sector|blog

What Every Real Estate Professional Needs to Know About Ensemble Modeling

By Adrian Harvey, Senior Vice President of Operations Staying on top of the latest buzzwords and trends is a challenge in any profession, and the real estate industry is no ...


May 16, 2017|Healthcare|blog

Healthcare Industry Trends — A Closer Look

If there’s one healthcare industry trend that has been constant in recent years, it’s this: change. As an industry in transition, healthcare is undergoing massive shifts ...


May 11, 2017|Healthcare|blog

The Future of Healthcare Analytics

There’s no shortage of news sharing the future of healthcare analytics, but without a little explanation this can be a puzzling phrase. To help you better understand this ...


May 09, 2017|Franchise|City Government|Retail|Restaurant|Healthcare|blog

Gen Z vs. Millennials: The Two Most Influential Buyer Personas

Do you know the potential of your best customers? Chances are some of your target customer profiles fall into the Generation Z or Millennial consumer groups. With a combined purchasing ...


April 26, 2017|Healthcare|press

Sage Senior Living to Utilize Analytics to Strengthen Expansion Plans

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (April 26, 2017) — Sage Senior Living, a senior living facility that currently operates six locations in the Northeast, has recently partnered with Buxton to assess expansion opportunities. Sage ...


April 11, 2017|Healthcare|press

Blue Cloud Pediatric Surgery Centers to Leverage Buxton Analytics Platform

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (April 11, 2017) — Blue Cloud Pediatric Surgery Centers, a network of pediatric ambulatory surgery centers focused on providing services to dentists and oral surgeons, recently partnered with Buxton ...


April 07, 2017|Healthcare|blog

5 Healthcare Data Options and How to Use Them

Today’s healthcare providers have more data available than ever before. Many organizations want to use the data to help make important decisions, but navigating the various data options ...


April 04, 2017|Retail|Restaurant|Healthcare|blog

How to Mitigate Risk When Deploying Online Ads

The customization options available through online advertising make it a valuable tool to promote your business. But, as recent news has shown, it is not without risk. Platforms like Google ...


April 03, 2017|Healthcare|press

Familia Dental Partners with Buxton to Strengthen Expansion Plans

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (April 3, 2017) — Familia Dental, a dental practice with 37 locations in six states, recently partnered with Fort Worth-based Buxton to evaluate potential expansion opportunities. The company will utilize ...


March 30, 2017|Healthcare|press

BetterMed Prepares for Expansion Through New Buxton Partnership

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (March 30, 2017) — BetterMed, a healthcare provider with six urgent care locations in the greater Richmond, Va. area, has partnered with Buxton to assess regional expansion opportunities. The ...


March 24, 2017|Franchise|Retail|Restaurant|Healthcare|Public Sector|press

Buxton Senior Vice President of Operations Adrian Harvey Named University of North Texas College of Business Rising Star for 2017

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (March 24, 2017) — Buxton’s Senior Vice President of Operations, Adrian Harvey, has been selected as the University of North Texas College of Business Rising Star award ...


March 20, 2017|Healthcare|blog

5 Lessons Healthcare Organizations Can Learn from the Retail Sector

How well do you know your current – and prospective – patients? If your answer is, “Not as well as I’d like,” then there’s ...


March 16, 2017|Franchise|Retail|Restaurant|Healthcare|Public Sector|press

Buxton Vice President of Marketing & Culture Courtney Hall Recognized as One of Fort Worth’s 40 Under 40

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (March 16, 2017) — Buxton’s Vice President of Marketing & Culture, Courtney Hall, has been recognized by the Fort Worth Business Press as one of the Dallas ...


March 09, 2017|Healthcare|blog

Why Your Healthcare Organization Needs a Site Selection Model

One of the hot topics in the retail industry in recent decades has been developing statistical models for site selection. Some healthcare organizations have considered adopting this practice, but is ...


March 01, 2017|Healthcare|press

Great Expressions Dental Centers Partners with Buxton to Identify Growth Potential

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (March 1, 2017) — Great Expressions Dental Centers (GEDC), one of the largest dental support organizations in the United States, has partnered with Buxton to study the organization&rsquo ...


February 23, 2017|Healthcare|blog

6 Ways to Put Your Healthcare Data to Work with Analytics

Retailers commonly use consumer profiles and predictive analytics to make better business decisions. This information is powered by the retailer's individual data and combined with external consumer behavior data ...


February 21, 2017|Healthcare|blog

How Healthcare Organizations Can Apply Data Like Retailers

There’s no shortage of buzzwords like “big data” in the retail world these days. But what exactly does this mean? And, how can you apply it ...


February 08, 2017|Healthcare|blog

Why You Must Examine More Than Age When Planning Senior Care

As the baby boomer generation continues to age, the need for senior healthcare is higher now than ever before. New market forces and the expanding number of providers eager to ...


February 01, 2017|Healthcare|press

Community Dental Partners Selects Buxton to Provide Site-Selection and Marketing Analytics

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (February 1, 2016) — Community Dental Partners, a dental service organization based in Denton, TX, has selected Buxton as its consumer analytics provider. Buxton’s site selection and ...


January 26, 2017|Healthcare|blog

Questions to Ask Before Opening a New Healthcare Facility

Whether you’re planning to open a new primary care facility, dental clinic, ambulatory care center or a specialty health facility, you must ask yourself these questions to avoid ...

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