February 23, 2017|Healthcare|blog

6 Ways to Put Your Healthcare Data to Work with Analytics

Retailers commonly use consumer profiles and predictive analytics to make better business decisions. This information is powered by the retailer's individual data and combined with external consumer behavior data ...


February 21, 2017|Healthcare|blog

How Healthcare Organizations Can Apply Data Like Retailers

There’s no shortage of buzzwords like “big data” in the retail world these days. But what exactly does this mean? And, how can you apply it ...


February 08, 2017|Healthcare|blog

Why You Must Examine More Than Age When Planning Senior Care

As the baby boomer generation continues to age, the need for senior healthcare is higher now than ever before. New market forces and the expanding number of providers eager to ...


February 02, 2017|Retail|Restaurants|Healthcare|blog

How to Build a Successful Franchise Network – Tips from IFA

We recently had the opportunity to attend the 2017 International Franchise Association (IFA) annual conference. While the conference was abuzz with ways to succeed in the franchise industry, we compiled our ...


February 01, 2017|Healthcare|press

Community Dental Partners Selects Buxton to Provide Site-Selection and Marketing Analytics

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (February 1, 2016) — Community Dental Partners, a dental service organization based in Denton, TX, has selected Buxton as its consumer analytics provider. Buxton’s site selection and ...


January 26, 2017|Healthcare|blog

Questions to Ask Before Opening a New Healthcare Facility

Whether you’re planning to open a new primary care facility, dental clinic, ambulatory care center or a specialty health facility, you must ask yourself these questions to avoid ...


January 16, 2017|Retail|Restaurants|Healthcare|blog

3 Critical Questions to Answer if You Want to Sell More Franchises

You’ve invested the time and resources to develop a great franchise concept, but to grow your organization, you need to convince potential franchisees that it’s a ...


January 11, 2017|Retail|Restaurants|Healthcare|blog

Get Franchise Growth Insights at the 2017 International Franchise Association Conference

The 2017 International Franchise Association (IFA) annual conference brings together thousands of franchise leaders from across the globe, sharing industry insights to help grow your franchise. If you’re heading ...


December 30, 2016|Healthcare|blog

5 Must Read Healthcare Stories to Kick-off the New Year

Start your new year off right with Buxton’s favorite insights on healthcare analytics from the past year. We share everything you need to get a jump on healthcare ...


November 30, 2016|Healthcare|blog

How Patient Analytics Drives Healthcare Success

What does patient analytics mean? Patient analytics is the use of data from a combination of sources to give you a more comprehensive understanding of who your best patients are, ...


October 20, 2016|Healthcare|press

Healthcare Associates of Texas to Identify Service Line Expansion Opportunities Through New Buxton Partnership

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, (October 20, 2016) — Healthcare Associates of Texas, a multi-specialty private practice currently operating three facilities in North Texas, has partnered with Buxton to better understand its core patients ...


October 18, 2016|Healthcare|press

Benevis Practice Services Partners with Buxton for Site Selection Analytics

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (October 18, 2016) — Benevis Practice Services, a comprehensive dental practice services company supporting more than 150 practices in the U.S., has partnered with Buxton to integrate site selection ...


October 12, 2016|Healthcare|blog

3 Strategies for Attracting New Patients During Open Enrollment Season

Open enrollment season is a great reminder to think about how you are communicating with your patients. As healthcare is top of mind for many consumers this time of year, ...


October 11, 2016|Healthcare|press

Allied Dental Partners with Buxton to Leverage Consumer Analytics

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, (October 11, 2016) — Allied Dental, a multi-specialty dental care provider with 32 locations in the northeastern U.S., has partnered with Buxton to identify growth opportunities through consumer analytics. ...


September 02, 2016|Healthcare|blog

The 3 best ways to put patients at the center of your business growth strategy

Increased pressure from consumers and the government are driving rapid change in the healthcare industry. These changes mirror what has taken place in the retail industry, leaving room for healthcare ...


August 31, 2016|Healthcare|article

How One Health Care Organization Uses Predictive Analytics to Avoid Growing Pains

Strategic Health Care Marketing explains how Cooper University Health Care uses predictive analytics from Buxton to identify growth opportunities.


July 22, 2016|Healthcare|press

Gwinnett Medical Center Selects Buxton to Identify Service Line Expansion Opportunities

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, (July 22, 2016) — Gwinnett Medical Center, a not-for-profit health care network with facilities throughout Georgia, has partnered with Buxton to better understand its core patients and expansion opportunities. ...


June 29, 2016|Healthcare|blog

5 Ways Healthcare Facilities Can Benefit from Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is a huge buzzword in business today and the healthcare industry is no exception. Whether your organization is a hospital system, specialty care provider, or urgent care clinic, ...


June 23, 2016|Healthcare|blog

Is Your Ambulatory Surgical Center Reaching Its Full Potential Without Business Analytics?

Most facilities in the healthcare field face the pressure to reduce costs while increasing their revenue. A recent Becker’s ASC article states that ambulatory surgery centers will need ...


June 16, 2016|Healthcare|blog

Healthcare Industry Trends — A Closer Look

If there’s one healthcare industry trend that has been constant in recent years, it’s this: change. As an industry in transition, healthcare is undergoing massive shifts ...

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