May 17, 2017|newsletters

Retail Customer Profiles 101: What Community Leaders Need to Know

What is a customer profile and why does it matter to a community? Bill R. Shelton, CEcD, offers a definition and tips for effectively using customer profiles in business attraction ...


May 10, 2017|newsletters

Rethinking Retail Real Estate Growth

The retail real estate industry is in a state of flux. Some companies are thriving, while others are shuttering locations. Start rethinking your long-term strategy to grow your business in ...


May 03, 2017|newsletters

Learn How to Apply Your Data to Gain Meaningful Insights

The number of data options available to healthcare providers can be overwhelming. Here Buxton provides an overview of the most common types and how to navigate them. ...


April 19, 2017|newsletters

Trade Area Analysis: Data in High Demand by Developers

What is a retail trade area and why does it matter to communities? Bill R. Shelton, CEcD, explains what communities need to know about this important performance metric and why ...


April 12, 2017|newsletters

Are You in Control of Your Online Advertising?

Online advertising has never been easier with the help of platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook. But, as recent news has shown, deploying digital ads is not without risk. Use ...


April 05, 2017|newsletters

How Well Do You Know Your Patients?

Not as well as you’d like? We share five important lessons from the retail sector to help you harness the value of customer analytics to learn more about your ...


March 15, 2017|newsletters

Who Are Your Community’s Best Salespeople?

When it comes to economic development, who are the right people to sell your community to prospective businesses? Bill R. Shelton, CEcD, explains why members of your community are best ...


March 08, 2017|newsletters

Retailers Reinventing the Customer Experience

As consumer preferences shift toward convenience driven shopping, retailers will need to turn to in-store experiences to lure in customers. Read about a few retailers leading the charge to combat ...


March 01, 2017|newsletters

How Healthcare Organizations Can Apply Data Like Retailers

Are you putting your data to work? Take a page from the retail playbook, and learn why you should be applying these analytic strategies to your healthcare organization. ...


February 15, 2017|newsletters

Marketing to Attract Grocery Stores

How can local governments attract grocery stores, particularly to underserved areas of their community? Bill R. Shelton, CEcD, offers insights and advice on overcoming common grocery store recruitment obstacles. ...


February 08, 2017|newsletters

Understanding the 3 Primary Site Selection Model Types

Getting started with real estate site selection solutions can be a daunting task. Let us do the work for you! We explain the three most common site selection solutions to ...


February 01, 2017|newsletters

Questions to Ask Before Opening a New Healthcare Facility

Whether you’re planning to open a new primary care facility, dental clinic, ambulatory care center or a specialty health facility, you must ask yourself these questions to avoid making ...


January 18, 2017|newsletters

Positioning the Community for Retail: The Marketing Power of Generators

Generators – concentrations of traffic and activity that present retail opportunities – play an important role in marketing a community’s retail potential. Bill R. Shelton, CEcD, explains three important generators many ...


January 11, 2017|newsletters

What’s Ahead for Retail Real Estate in 2017?

The retail industry is evolving at a rapid pace. To help you stay ahead of the trends, Buxton turned to leading industry experts and our data to identify what you ...


January 04, 2017|newsletters

5 Must Read Healthcare Stories to Kick-off the New Year

Start your new year off right with Buxton’s favorite insights on healthcare analytics from the past year. We share some of our favorite featured articles, case studies and webinars ...


December 21, 2016|newsletters

Barriers To Development: Available Restaurant Sites

A lack of available sites is a common barrier to restaurant development. Bill R. Shelton, CEcD, explains what community leaders need to know about assembling restaurant sites. ...


December 14, 2016|newsletters

A Beginner’s Guide To Retail Site Selection Solutions

Having the right retail site selection solution is crucial for any business looking to add new locations. Here’s everything you need to get started to ensure you’re making ...


December 07, 2016|newsletters

The Importance of Understanding Daytime Populations

As Bill R. Shelton, CEcD, explains, providing daytime population estimates is a critical component of a competitive community’s marketing strategy to grow its retail base. ...


December 07, 2016|newsletters

What Does Patient Analytics Mean?

Patient analytics is the engine that drives success in healthcare. Learn what it is, how analytics can support your practice and where to start. ...


November 23, 2016|newsletters

Using Rebates As Development Incentives

In response to reduced funding for incentives, many states and municipalities have turned to rebates to encourage development. Bill R. Shelton, CEcD shares what you need to know about this ...

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