February 07, 2017|Restaurants|article

Fast Food Wars: Why Chains Are Offering Low-dollar Deals

The Dallas Business Journal explains why many fast food restaurants are offering discount deals and includes Buxton's rankings of the top 10 fast food restaurant chains in Dallas/Fort Worth.


February 07, 2017|Restaurants|blog

Modest Restaurant Growth Changes Real Estate Dynamics

Research firms Technomic and The NPD Group have forecasted modest growth for restaurants this year, following a tough 2016. The main segment to benefit from a lift in sales and traffic ...


February 02, 2017|Retail|Restaurants|Healthcare|blog

How to Build a Successful Franchise Network – Tips from IFA

We recently had the opportunity to attend the 2017 International Franchise Association (IFA) annual conference. While the conference was abuzz with ways to succeed in the franchise industry, we compiled our ...


January 31, 2017|Restaurants|blog

The Fastest Growing Restaurant Chains and What’s Feeding Their Success

As consumer food trends continue to shift toward more conscious food choices and convenience at a budget friendly price, it’s no surprise the fast casual space continues to ...


January 25, 2017|Retail|Restaurants|blog

Help Franchisees Grow Market Share with Local Store Marketing

As a franchisor, it’s increasingly important to maximize your franchise territories’ potential and help them market at the local level. You and your franchisees are invested in ...


January 25, 2017|Restaurants|press

Franchise Group Surfside Restaurant Management Partners with Buxton to Maximize Territory Development

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (January 25, 2017) – Surfside Restaurant Management, a Dunkin Donut and PizzaRev franchise group in southern Florida, has partnered with Buxton to use customer analytics to identify its growth ...


January 16, 2017|Retail|Restaurants|Healthcare|blog

3 Critical Questions to Answer if You Want to Sell More Franchises

You’ve invested the time and resources to develop a great franchise concept, but to grow your organization, you need to convince potential franchisees that it’s a ...


January 11, 2017|Retail|Restaurants|Healthcare|blog

Get Franchise Growth Insights at the 2017 International Franchise Association Conference

The 2017 International Franchise Association (IFA) annual conference brings together thousands of franchise leaders from across the globe, sharing industry insights to help grow your franchise. If you’re heading ...


December 05, 2016|Restaurants|article

Checkers & Rally’s Partners with Customer Analytics Provider Buxton

The franchise industry news platform 1851 describes how Checkers & Rally's is using Buxton's analytics to fuel growth.


November 22, 2016|Restaurants|press

Native Grill and Wings Partners with Buxton to Enhance Market Planning Decisions

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, (November 22, 2016) – Native Grill and Wings, an Arizona based restaurant serving New York-style chicken wings, has partnered with Buxton to analyze growth opportunities and assist with targeted ...


November 17, 2016|Restaurants|article

See Which 10 Taco Chains Reign Burrito Supreme in DFW

Buxton ranked the top 10 taco chains in the Dallas-Fort Worth CBSA for the Dallas Business Journal. Here's what we found.


October 31, 2016|Restaurants|article

Largest Burger Chain in DFW? (It’s not McDonald’s)

The Dallas Business Journal reports on Buxton's ranking of the top 10 burger chains in North Texas.


October 28, 2016|Restaurants|blog

Staying Ahead of the New Restaurant Competitor: Grocery Stores

More and more, consumers are choosing to dine in than eat out as grocery prices continue to decline, while inflation is driving up the cost of dining out. This consumer ...


October 25, 2016|Restaurants|article

Who’s Delivering? A Look at DFW’s Top 10 Pizza Chains

Buxton ranked the top 10 pizza chains in North Texas for this Dallas Business Journal report.


August 09, 2016|Restaurants|press

Huddle House Selects Buxton to Provide Analytics to Fuel Franchise Growth

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (August 9, 2016) — Huddle House, the iconic 24-hour breakfast franchise, announced today that it has partnered with customer analytics firm Buxton. Buxton’s advanced customer insights and ...


April 26, 2016|Restaurants|article

Wing Concept Taking Flight with Buxton Site Solution

Chain Store Age reports on East Coast Wings & Grill's decision to partner with Buxton in preparation for growth into new markets.


April 26, 2016|Restaurants|press

East Coast Wings & Grill Takes Data-Driven Approach to Franchise Growth Through New Partnership With Buxton

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (April 26, 2016) — East Coast Wings & Grill, a fast-growing casual dining chicken wing franchise, announced today that it has partnered with customer analytics firm Buxton. The new ...


April 21, 2016|Retail|Restaurants|blog

Territory Optimization: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

Territory Optimization is the identification of franchisee markets and trade areas that offer your brand the greatest opportunities, which can be based on revenue, visits, number of customers, ...


April 08, 2016|Restaurants|blog

Top 10 Reasons You Need a Restaurant Market Analysis

As a restaurant real estate professional, you are an expert in spotting growth opportunities and staying on top of local market trends. So why should you invest in a restaurant ...


March 31, 2016|General|Retail|Restaurants|blog

Realize Your Potential as a Franchise

You have seen your franchise grow and your experience as a franchisor has come from years of hard work to perfect your brand and your products. You have made sure ...

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