May 26, 2017|Franchise|Retail|blog

Do You Know Your Trade Area?

Consumer demands for convenience are putting pressure on retailers to adapt. Real estate and marketing decisions are under scrutiny as consumers are turning to online solutions, and increasingly willing to ...


May 18, 2017|Franchise|City Government|General|Retail|Restaurant|Healthcare|Public Sector|blog

What Every Real Estate Professional Needs to Know About Ensemble Modeling

By Adrian Harvey, Senior Vice President of Operations Staying on top of the latest buzzwords and trends is a challenge in any profession, and the real estate industry is no ...


May 10, 2017|Retail|press

Yoga Pod to Strengthen Site Selection and Marketing Decisions Through Analytics

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (May 10, 2017) — Yoga Pod, a wellness company currently operating 12 locations in multiple states, has recently partnered with Fort Worth-based Buxton to leverage customer insights to strengthen expansion ...


May 09, 2017|Franchise|City Government|Retail|Restaurant|Healthcare|blog

Gen Z vs. Millennials: The Two Most Influential Buyer Personas

Do you know the potential of your best customers? Chances are some of your target customer profiles fall into the Generation Z or Millennial consumer groups. With a combined purchasing ...


May 08, 2017|Retail|press

Xperience Fitness to Use Customer Analytics for Market Planning Strategy

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (May 8, 2017) — Xperience Fitness, a health club with 13 locations in the Midwest, has recently partnered with Buxton to utilize analytics to understand its best customers and evaluate ...


May 04, 2017|Retail|blog

Pop-up Stores: Fad or Retail Renaissance?

The rise of the pop-up store Have you ever been to a pop-up store? If not, chances are you’ve heard of them. The pop-up store concept has been ...


May 03, 2017|Retail|press

Workout Anytime to Use Customer Analytics to Guide Growth Strategy

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (May 3, 2017) — Workout Anytime, a fitness franchise focused on a high quality yet affordable fitness experience, has recently partnered with Fort-Worth based Buxton to utilize analytics in ...


April 25, 2017|Retail|blog

The Impact of Fast Fashion on the Retail Industry

In the age of see-now, buy-now fashion, traditional retailers are adopting new practices to keep up with the fast-paced shopping journey. While speed has always been the biggest pain point ...


April 24, 2017|Retail|article

Experts Talk RECon; Creating Unique Experiences for Consumers asked industry experts, including Buxton President & CEO Tom Buxton, to share their expectations and predictions for the 2017 ICSC RECon.


April 10, 2017|Retail|press

Fit Republic to Strengthen Site Selection and Marketing Plans Through Analytics

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (April 10, 2017) — Fit Republic, a fitness concept located in several states, has recently partnered with Fort Worth-based Buxton to explore expansion opportunities and new marketing efforts. Buxton ...


April 04, 2017|Retail|Restaurant|Healthcare|blog

How to Mitigate Risk When Deploying Online Ads

The customization options available through online advertising make it a valuable tool to promote your business. But, as recent news has shown, it is not without risk. Platforms like Google ...


March 29, 2017|Retail|blog

7 Reasons Why In-Store Shopping Will Never Die

Many have predicted the death of brick and mortar stores and the rise of e-commerce as online sales have progressively taken over a larger portion of total retail sales. However, ...


March 29, 2017|Retail|press

D1 Sports Training Partners with Buxton and LSMx to Support Franchise Growth

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (March 29, 2017) — D1 Sports Training, a premier fitness and sports training facility with approximately 38 locations across the United States, has partnered with Buxton to identify real estate ...


March 24, 2017|Franchise|Retail|Restaurant|Healthcare|Public Sector|press

Buxton Senior Vice President of Operations Adrian Harvey Named University of North Texas College of Business Rising Star for 2017

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (March 24, 2017) — Buxton’s Senior Vice President of Operations, Adrian Harvey, has been selected as the University of North Texas College of Business Rising Star award ...


March 20, 2017|Franchise|Retail|Restaurant|article

1851 On The Road - Bill Stinneford of Buxton

1851 Magazine interviewed Buxton's Bill Stinneford at the International Franchise Association's annual convention about customer analytics and how it applies to the franchise industry today. Watch the video interview.


March 17, 2017|Retail|press

Fit Body Boot Camp Selects Buxton as Advanced Analytics Provider

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (March 17, 2017) — Fit Body Boot Camp, a group fitness training facility with hundreds of locations worldwide, has partnered with Fort Worth-based Buxton to assist in evaluating new ...


March 16, 2017|Franchise|Retail|Restaurant|Healthcare|Public Sector|press

Buxton Vice President of Marketing & Culture Courtney Hall Recognized as One of Fort Worth’s 40 Under 40

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (March 16, 2017) — Buxton’s Vice President of Marketing & Culture, Courtney Hall, has been recognized by the Fort Worth Business Press as one of the Dallas ...


March 15, 2017|Retail|Restaurant|blog

What is Customer Segmentation and How is it Used?

Segmentation is one of the most powerful customer analytics tools in marketing, however, it is also the most misunderstood. What is segmentation?   Segmentation is the process of dividing customers ...


March 08, 2017|Retail|press

Lindt & Sprüngli Partners with Buxton to Gain Customer and Market Insights

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (March 8, 2017) —Swiss chocolatier Lindt & Sprüngli, which is known for its brands Lindt, Ghirardelli, Hofbauer, Küfferle, Caffarel, Russell Stover, and Whitman's, ...


March 03, 2017|Retail|Restaurant|blog

Two Ways to Get More Out of Your Predictive Real Estate Model

Typically, a real estate model is applied to understand whether a potential new site is a good investment or a bad one. It is designed to quantify the sales potential ...

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