September 22, 2017|Retail|Restaurant|Healthcare|Journey|Awareness|Persona|RE/Site Selector|Strategist|blog

What is GIS Mapping? A Beginner’s Guide for Site Selectors and Strategists

GIS mapping is a buzzword in many fields, including real estate site selection and business strategy. But what exactly is GIS and how is it used? In this blog post, ...


September 01, 2017|Retail|Restaurant|Franchise|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Analyst|Marketer|blog

How Franchisees Can Bring Marketing to the Local Level

In the franchise marketing world, it’s common to see a franchisor develop one-size-fits-all marketing materials for their franchise networks. While this may assist with overall brand awareness, some ...


August 30, 2017|Retail|Restaurant|Franchise|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Analyst|C Suite|RE/Site Selector|blog

Why Is Your Site Selection Strategy More Critical Than Ever?

Retail site selection has always been an important element of a brand’s strategy. Great locations position retailers for success, while poor locations yield disappointing results. For decades, retail ...


August 18, 2017|Retail|Restaurant|Franchise|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Analyst|C Suite|RE/Site Selector|blog

When Do Businesses Need Site Selection Services?

Many companies reach a point in their growth and development when they feel that it is helpful to invest in site selection services. But with a wide spectrum of services ...


August 14, 2017|Retail|Restaurant|Journey|Awareness|Persona|RE/Site Selector|blog

Four Key Types of Retail Real Estate

Site selection is one of the most important decisions you can make as real estate professional. Once you’ve identified a market and the ideal location to plant your ...


August 03, 2017|Retail|Restaurant|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Analyst|Marketer|blog

How to Reach More Customers During Back-to-School Shopping Season

As a new school year quickly approaches, many consumers are beginning to plan their back-to-school shopping trips. Back-to-school spending is expected to reach $83.6 billion this year, according to a recent ...


July 28, 2017|Retail|Journey|Awareness|Persona|RE/Site Selector|Company News|article

The Three Retail Trends That Are Most Influencing Real Estate Strategy

Buxton President & CEO Tom Buxton shares insights on three important retail trends in National Real Estate Investor's 2017 Midyear Outlook.


July 13, 2017|Retail|Restaurant|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Analyst|Marketer|RE/Site Selector|blog

What’s happening to the middle market grocer?

As the retail industry has experienced major changes, the grocery industry has sat back with a sigh of relief. The impact on the grocers’ bottom line was unforeseen in ...


July 13, 2017|Retail|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Marketer|RE/Site Selector|Client Announcement|press

Scissors & Scotch to Use Data-Backed Insights to Enhance Market Planning Strategy

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (July 13, 2017) — Scissors & Scotch, an upscale barber shop also offering modern spa services, has recently partnered with Fort Worth-based Buxton to strengthen its expansion strategy with ...


July 06, 2017|Retail|Restaurant|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Analyst|RE/Site Selector|blog

How Customer Analytics Data Can Be Used in an Omnichannel Marketing & Engagement Strategy

Omnichannel marketing has never been more relevant as consumers demand more from their shopping experience. Consumers are now channel agnostic, meaning they don’t see a difference between online ...


June 30, 2017|Retail|Restaurant|Franchise|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Analyst|RE/Site Selector|blog

Mall, the new four letter word?

The state of the shopping mall is in peril. Or is it? As traditional mall retailers are seemingly closing their doors left and right, many malls must determine what to ...


June 29, 2017|Retail|Restaurant|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Analyst|RE/Site Selector|blog

Create a Loyal Following With Customer Analytics

Are you fostering a loyal customer base? In today's customer-centric environment, retailers and restaurants need to pay more attention to what drives customer consumption. Increasingly, customers across every industry ...


June 26, 2017|Retail|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Analyst|Marketer|RE/Site Selector|press

Don Carro to Use Customer Analytics to Guide Growth Strategy

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (June 26, 2017) — Don Carro, a leader in pre-owned car sales to the Hispanic community in Dallas/Fort Worth, has recently partnered with Buxton to leverage customer insights ...


June 21, 2017|Retail|Franchise|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Marketer|RE/Site Selector|blog

Doomsday Apocalypse or Retail Hoax? A Look at Retail’s Future

Recent news may make it seem like the retail industry is in a free fall, but that only makes for good headlines.  It’s easy for outsiders to ...


June 09, 2017|Retail|Restaurant|Franchise|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Analyst|RE/Site Selector|blog

5 Things Franchisors Should Do To Ensure Growth

Franchise companies need to make sure they are taking the right steps to succeed in the current retail environment while laying the foundation for future growth. But with a constantly ...


June 07, 2017|Retail|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Analyst|Marketer|RE/Site Selector|Client Announcement|press

The Original Mattress Factory to Utilize Analytics to Enhance Market Planning Strategy

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (June 7, 2017) — The Original Mattress Factory, a mattress company that operates 11 factories and more than 100 showrooms, has recently partnered with Fort Worth-based Buxton to identify ...


June 06, 2017|Retail|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Analyst|RE/Site Selector|blog

Rightsizing Store Networks: 4 Questions You Need to Ask

Many retail real estate professionals are facing a new reality: retailers simply aren’t expanding at the rates seen in the past. In fact, many are navigating the task ...


May 30, 2017|Retail|Restaurant|Franchise|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Analyst|Marketer|RE/Site Selector|blog

4 Data-Driven Steps to Customer Loyalty

Do you still know your customers? Consumer behavior is changing and retailers are being forced to evolve. Knowing your customer is key to creating a loyal following and will ultimately ...


May 26, 2017|Retail|Franchise|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Analyst|Marketer|RE/Site Selector|blog

Do You Know Your Trade Area?

Consumer demands for convenience are putting pressure on retailers to adapt. Real estate and marketing decisions are under scrutiny as consumers are turning to online solutions, and increasingly willing to ...


May 18, 2017|Retail|Restaurant|Healthcare|Franchise|City Government|General|Public Sector|Journey|Awareness|Consideration|Persona|Analyst|RE/Site Selector|blog

What Every Real Estate Professional Needs to Know About Ensemble Modeling

By Adrian Harvey, Senior Vice President of Operations Staying on top of the latest buzzwords and trends is a challenge in any profession, and the real estate industry is no ...

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