May 07, 2018|Retail|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Real Estate|Client Announcement|press

Buxton Partners with Monro, Inc. to Strengthen Expansion and Marketing Strategies

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (May 7, 2018) — Buxton has recently partnered with Monro, Inc., a tire and auto services company with more than 1,150 locations, to utilize geolocation analytics in its ...


May 04, 2018|Retail|Restaurant|Franchise|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Franchise Sales|Real Estate|blog

Strategic Site Selection: 3 Best Practices for Consumer Businesses

Site selection has traditionally been viewed as a tactical activity. If a business needs to open 30 more units next year, the real estate team treats each site selection decision as ...


April 30, 2018|Retail|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Real Estate|Client Announcement|press

Pine Cove Partners with Buxton to Use Analytics in Expansion Strategy

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (April 30, 2018) —  Pine Cove, a non-profit and faith-based camp that serves more than 30,000 campers each summer in Texas and South Carolina, has partnered with Buxton to ...


April 09, 2018|Retail|Restaurant|Franchise|Journey|Awareness|Persona|C-Suite/Finance|blog

3 Stages of Business Growth and How to Navigate Them

Every company wants to grow their business, but growth can mean radically different things depending on your brand’s stage in the business life cycle. Each stage of business ...


March 09, 2018|Retail|Restaurant|Journey|Awareness|Persona|C-Suite/Finance|blog

How to Get More From Your Customer Satisfaction Data

With the advent of digital consumer technology, it’s easier than ever for retail and restaurant brands to collect customer satisfaction data through post-purchase surveys and other techniques. Many ...


February 08, 2018|Retail|Journey|Awareness|Persona|C-Suite/Finance|Real Estate|article

Marriott Bets on Predictive Analytics for Brand Growth

Hotel Management Magazine explains how Marriott works with Buxton to better understand who its customers are and to identify future development opportunities.


January 18, 2018|Retail|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Real Estate|Client Announcement|press

Polaris Partners with Buxton to Use Analytics in Site Selection Strategy

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (January 18, 2018) —  Polaris, an off-road vehicle company with thousands of dealer locations in the U.S., has recently partnered with Buxton to use analytics to identify ...


January 12, 2018|Retail|Restaurant|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Real Estate|article

Experts See a More Selective Lending Environment for Retail Assets

In this article from National Real Estate Investor, Buxton senior vice president Stephen Polanski discusses some of the most desirable property types for retail real estate investment.


January 05, 2018|Retail|Restaurant|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Real Estate|blog

2018 Retail and Restaurant Real Estate Trends

Which retail and restaurant and restaurant trends will most influence real estate decisions in 2018? Here are our annual predictions as featured in Buxton’s 2018 Retail and Restaurant Real Estate ...


January 03, 2018|Retail|Restaurant|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Real Estate|Company News|press

Buxton Publishes 2018 Retail and Restaurant Real Estate Outlook

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (January 3, 2018) – Buxton has released its 2018 Retail and Restaurant Real Estate Outlook, an annual report that forecasts major trends and identifies top markets for growth opportunities. This ...


December 29, 2017|Retail|Restaurant|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Real Estate|blog

2018 Top Markets for Restaurant and Retail Real Estate

Every year, real estate professionals attempt to predict the next hot markets in the U.S. There are a variety of approaches to answering this question, whether from surveys, migration ...


December 27, 2017|Retail|Journey|Awareness|Persona|C-Suite/Finance|Real Estate|article

Retail Real Estate Trends That Will Shape the Industry in 2018

National Real Estate Investor features commentary on retail real estate trends from Buxton CEO Tom Buxton in the publication's annual year end outlook.


December 13, 2017|Retail|Restaurant|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Real Estate|blog

How Market Opportunity Analysis Can Guide Your Real Estate Strategy

Whether you are preparing to enter new markets or evaluating the infill potential of existing markets, you need to understand the total opportunity that the market offers your unique retail ...


December 01, 2017|Retail|Restaurant|Franchise|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Franchise Sales|Marketing|blog

Capturing Lost Revenue Through Local Store Marketing

In the current business climate, many executive teams are seeking ways to maximize revenue from existing resources – especially brick and mortar locations. Local store marketing can play a critical ...


November 27, 2017|Retail|Franchise|Journey|Awareness|Persona|C-Suite/Finance|Marketing|blog

Marketing Your School: What You Need to Know

In the education and child care markets, it’s commonly known that marketing your specific school or district is an important aspect of growing enrollment, creating brand awareness and ...


November 15, 2017|Retail|Restaurant|Franchise|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Real Estate|article

Are Malls the New Four-Letter Word?

Franchise Times shares a recap of Buxton Senior Vice President Stephen Polanski's presentation on the state of malls at the 2017 Restaurant Finance & Development Conference.


November 10, 2017|Retail|Restaurant|Franchise|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Real Estate|blog

Micro Level Data: Are You Overlooking This Valuable Source of Real Estate Intelligence?

In today’s big data crazy world, broad, macro level datasets such as demographics, psychographics, and business locations often get a lot of attention. Given the fact that this ...


November 10, 2017|Retail|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Real Estate|Client Announcement|press

Buxton Partners with Brick & Mortar Distribution to Identify Locations for Expansion

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (November 10, 2017) – Brick & Mortar Distribution, a nutritional supplement retailer with more than 80 locations in the U.S., has recently partnered with Buxton to utilize data insights ...


November 08, 2017|Retail|Franchise|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Marketing|article

Regis Corporation Partners with Buxton to Optimize Local Salon Marketing Strategies

Regis Corporation, a leader in the haircare industry, has announced its industry-exclusive agreement with LSMx, a Buxton local store marketing application. Learn more about the partnership in the Regis Corporation news release.


November 03, 2017|Retail|Restaurant|Journey|Awareness|Persona|Real Estate|blog

What is Sales Forecasting in Site Selection?

Sales forecasting has become an increasingly common element of the site selection process and is often the focus of real estate modeling projects. Given the wide variety of forecasting options ...

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