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EQA Landmark Communities Partners With Buxton to Support Retail Recruitment Efforts

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, (January 26, 2016) — EQA Landmark Communities, a development company, has partnered with Buxton to support the retail development efforts at its Newbury Market site in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Buxton’s advanced consumer analytics will identify new retail concepts that are a strong fit for the site.

While retail economic development programs have traditionally relied on basic demographic information, EQA Landmark Communities will utilize consumer insights that go beyond demographics, presenting a convincing case to retailers seeking growth opportunities. Buxton’s proprietary web-based real estate platform SCOUT® will give company leaders the ability to analyze retail matches and development scenarios.

“We look forward to using Buxton’s insights to help us continue to bring in new retail concepts to Newbury Market,” said Brett A. Malky, President of EQA Landmark Communities. “Utilizing Buxton’s expertise in consumer analytics will help maximize the impact of our investments.”  

EQA Landmark Communities wants to replace the traditional real estate mantra, “location, location, location” with “data, data, data” to demonstrate to future business partners why a region and a project in particular will bring them greater business success.

“Buxton is pleased to partner with EQA Landmark Communities,” said Dennis Maher, director of sales in Buxton’s public sector division. “We are confident that we can help EQA recruit and retain the best retail establishments for Newbury Market.”  

Buxton has worked with more than 700 cities and community development organizations nationwide to implement retail development strategies. Clients include the Tennessee Valley Authority, Mississippi Power and the Southwest Louisiana Partnership for Economic Development.  

About EQA Landmark Communities

EQA Landmark Communities, a thriving development company, was founded in 1998 and is currently involved in creating three of the leading mixed-use developments in south western Pennsylvania. Newbury Market, its largest, is a nearly half-billion dollar project. EQA creates environmentally-friendly, high quality, affordable developments that appeal to families and to those looking to break away from the cookie-cutter neighborhood mold. EQA is based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has the goal to “create the best new communities in the regions in which it works.”

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About Buxton

Buxton is the industry leader in customer analytics. We help businesses understand who their customers are, where their customers are located, and how to grow the value of each customer. More than 3,000 clients in the retail, restaurant, healthcare, private equity, and public sectors have relied on our insights to guide their growth strategies. Clients include Aaron’s®, Anthropologie®, and Marriott®.

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