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Neosho Area Business & Industrial Foundation, Inc. to Use Analytics to Guide Retail Recruitment Strategy

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, (March 6, 2017) – The Neosho Area Business & Industrial Foundation, Inc. (NABIFI) has recently partnered with Fort Worth-based Buxton to assist in growing its retail sector. Economic Development will be able to develop an effective retail recruitment strategy using the insights Buxton provides.

“We are excited to see the progression of our partnership with Buxton,” said Michael Franks, CEO of NABIFI. “Buxton’s analysis will give us the clarity we need to make accurate economic development decisions as we seek to grow Neosho.”

“Buxton looks forward to providing the right insights for NABIFI/Grow Neosho,” said Cody Taylor, director of sales in Buxton’s public sector division. “We aim to assist NABIFI in providing the best quality of life for Neosho area residents.”

While most retail economic development programs typically rely on demographic information, NABIFI will analyze psychographic data to provide a convincing case to retailers seeking growth opportunities. As a Buxton client, NABIFI will have access to SCOUT, the web-based proprietary real estate platform used to analyze retail matches, support existing retailers and optimize development decisions.

Buxton has worked with more than 750 cities nationwide to implement retail development strategies. Other client cities in Missouri include Lebanon, Moberly and Peculiar.


Founded in 1987, NABIFI was organized exclusively for charitable purposes. It is an umbrella organization which aims to attract industry, expand job opportunities and improve the quality of life in the Neosho area. NABIFI notes exceptional transportation, infrastructure and a highly skilled workforce as reasons businesses should choose to relocate to the region. 

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Buxton is the industry leader in customer analytics. Our analytics reveal who your customers are, where more potential customers are located and the value of each customer. More than 3,500 clients in the retail, restaurant, healthcare, private equity and public sectors have relied on our insights to guide their growth strategies.

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