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Have confidence opening new locations with revenue forecasting and predictive analytics.

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Products to help you Add New Locations

Site Selection Models

Open home run locations and avoid making costly mistakes.

Market Optimization

Take your market planning to the next level.

Scenario Scoring

Multiple openings? Relocations? Evaluate them with Buxton’s Scenario Scoring tool.

Potential Analysis

Know your growth potential across any market or region in the country.

Buy-side Due Diligence

Identify retail/restaurant/retail healthcare white space opportunity.

City Planning Insights

Buxton offers retail solutions to help maximize your city’s growth.

Custom Segmentation

Tailor marketing messages to connect with customers.

Downtown Revitalization

Buxton can help with community expansion opportunities to fill vacant downtown sectors.
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Using your customer data and predictive analytics, Buxton provides you with the in-depth customer insights you need to make confident, accurate real estate decisions. Our insights allow you to identify home run locations in each market to maximize ROI and avoid underperforming locations. Through our platform, SCOUT, you can run a sales forecast for any potential site.

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Find out how Buxton can help grow your business.