Buy-side Due Diligence

Identify retail/restaurant/retail healthcare white space opportunity.


With the ultimate goal of understanding the target company’s underlying business risks, Buxton’s buy-side due diligence enables you to gain insight beyond the usual financial analysis to the core of the enterprise – its customers and market potential. Our methodology and all key analytical elements include white space opportunity analysis, customer profiles, competitive analysis and micro to macro level new unit opportunity.


What will the Buy-side Due Diligence solution do for me?

Mitigate investment risks.

Buxton provides our clients with an understanding of white space opportunity, core customer profile, and those attributes essential to ongoing success for any retail, restaurant, or retail healthcare investment they are considering.

Project performance and bridge to actual results.

By combining the knowledge of who and where the enterprise’s customers are with the value each customer brings, you will be able to validate or refute projections provided by the target enterprise.

Know your white space opportunity.

Buxton evaluates potential expansion at the trade area and market levels for brick and mortar, retail, restaurant, and healthcare concepts.

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