City Planning Insights

Buxton offers retail solutions to help maximize your city’s growth.


As your city grows, so should your retail establishments. But beginning the retail recruitment process can be daunting and overwhelming. Buxton has the analytic expertise to help simplify this process. We identify the best retailers for your community, taking the guess work out of retail recruitment.


What will the City Planning Insights solution do for me?

Recruit the best retail and restaurant concepts for your community.

Buxton uses drive-time analysis, leakage and surplus analysis, and other techniques to make an enticing proposal to potential retailers who may be interested in opening a location in your community.

Gain access to marketing packages for targeted retailers.

We use our expert analytical insights to prepare custom reports to recruit retailers who may be interested in entering or expanding in your community. We then create introductory letters to help your community leaders begin the recruitment process with these key retailers.

Encourage residents to shop locally.

As new retailers are brought to the community, residents will be more prone to shop locally, ensuring an increase in tax revenue and a reduction in retail leakage.

Make your city more attractive to visitors.

Buxton’s City Planning solutions not only maximize your growth, but also increase your visitor potential.

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