City Services

Buxton can provide communities with analytics to support their city services.


Analytics can provide valuable information for communities looking to support their city services, such as the library system or fire department. Buxton has the insights to help community leaders determine the best locations for city services and target residents who may be in most need of particular services.


What will the City Services solution do for me?

Ensure site selection decisions.

Buxton has the insights to most efficiently place and locate your city services buildings.

Target residents who most need the support of city services.

Certain residents are potentially more prone to need the services of a fire department or another city service. Buxton can help you understand who those residents are and where they are located.

Improve the overall performance of your city services.

Buxton’s analytics can help city services employees understand resident demographics and psychographics. With this knowledge, city services are better equipped to serve the residents in the community.

Improve resident satisfaction with the city.

As city services improve on catering to existing residents, citizens will be more inclined to invest and further establish roots in the community.

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