Custom Segmentation

Tailor marketing messages to connect with customers.


How many distinct groups exist within your customer base? Buxton analyzes your customer records to identify the most important segments for your business and provides you with actionable insights to improve your marketing efforts. Move from mass-marketing to messages tailored to each customer segment.


What will the Custom Segmentation solution do for me?

Understand your customer segments.

With custom segmentation, you can better understand how your customers are similar and different based on factors such as demographics, marketing preferences, and interests.

Improve marketing efforts.

Buxton will show you what types of marketing messages resonate the most for each segment and the specific media channels you should use to reach them.

Find new customers.

Once you understand who your customer segments are, we can show you look-a-like consumers who have the same characteristics as your various customer segments.

Move past propensities.

With custom segmentation, you can segment customers based on actual behaviors rather than propensities. Each custom segment may span multiple psychographic segments.

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