Downtown Revitalization

Buxton can help with community expansion opportunities to fill vacant downtown sectors.


Due to suburban expansion and the low cost of rural land, many communities have seen restaurants and retailers abandon downtown sectors, leaving vacant buildings and an overall lackluster environment. Buxton has the expertise to help communities recruit retailers and restaurants specifically suited for an urban setting and to drive downtown revitalization.


What will the Downtown Revitalization solution do for me?

Draw visitors to your community.

Thriving downtowns rely on an influx of visitors. By recruiting the right retailers and restaurants, both local and out-of-town visitors will be drawn to spend time in the new and improved downtown sector.

Recruit new retailers and restaurants.

In order to bring in visitors, retailers must first be recruited. Buxton has the tools and knowledge to guide your community’s recruitment efforts.

Create jobs for city residents and stimulate downtown revitalization.

The opening of new retail establishments and restaurants in your downtown areas will create jobs for residents.

Increase sales tax revenue.

Recruiting new retail means an increase in tax revenue, reducing retail leakage and satisfying your residents’ desire to shop in downtown.

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