Franchise Sales Roadmap

Optimize your franchise expansion plan.


With franchise expansion tools, you can conduct an analysis to determine the ideal market layout of franchise territories in planned expansion areas. By ranking potential territories as “Best,” “Better” and “Good,” the analysis helps you maximize development in markets.


What will the Franchise Sales Roadmap solution do for me?

Infiltrate new markets.

Explore new franchise opportunities and enter into new markets with confidence by utilizing Buxton’s solutions.

Grow your business with confidence.

Why risk selling an underperforming territory? Let us confirm trade areas with your highest customer demand to ensure efficient franchise sales.

Optimize franchise expansion plans.

Not only can we provide sustainable market suggestions, but our solution can also tell you which markets should be a top priority. Realign franchise marketing efforts in markets with the highest ROI.

Increase corporate profit.

By increasing franchise sales, you are selling more territories, expanding your brand and more effectively growing your business.

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