Healthcare Gap Analysis

Objective, data-driven solutions that identify healthcare facility shortages in particular regions.


Identifying gaps in the healthcare industry is an important step for growing communities. Buxton can build a model that allows city leaders to spot healthcare shortages in highly populated markets.


What will the Healthcare Gap Analysis solution do for me?

Identify gaps in healthcare.

Identify areas of opportunity by visualizing concentrations of core patients and healthcare facilities.

Gain an overall understanding of the state of your city’s healthcare system.

Buxton’s expert analysis will show city leaders the overall state of the current healthcare system. It will help you answer the questions: What is working in our healthcare system? What is not? In what ways can we expand the healthcare system to better serve our residents?

Know who to recruit.

Perhaps your city is lacking in a specific healthcare specialty or service. Buxton can help city leaders target the right healthcare facilities and service lines for your city.

Leverage trustworthy data to recruit potential healthcare providers.

Buxton will provide custom marketing reports to present to potential healthcare providers, giving them data-driven facts about their expansion opportunities in your city.

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