Healthcare Market Optimization

Take your market planning to the next level with predictive analytics in healthcare.


When planning to enter a new market or infilling an existing market, you need to know how many facilities the market can support and where those facilities should be. By leveraging predictive analytics for healthcare, Buxton’s Market Optimization products – Market Study and Market Optimizer – were designed to address those questions and to provide a roadmap for growth.


What will the Healthcare Market Optimization solution do for me?

Know and capture a market’s maximum potential.

In order to win in a market, you need to know that market’s maximum potential. Both Buxton’s Market Study and Market Optimizer give you the insights you need to succeed.

Test expansion scenarios with predictive analytics.

Buxton’s Market Optimizer allows you to automatically assess the potential of a market and the ideal layout of trade areas. Test and learn by changing thresholds.

Plan growth into new markets.

Entering a new market requires a solid plan. Buxton’s Market Study determines the order in which you should open facilities to maximize cash flows.

Infill existing markets.

Market Optimization products aren’t just for new market entry; they can also be used to infill your existing markets. Get the most out of each operating region.

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