Hispanic Acculturation Insights

Understand your Hispanic consumer with acculturation insights.


U.S. Hispanic consumers have a variety of buying preferences based on how closely they are tied to their cultural roots. Buxton’s Hispanic Acculturation Insights help you understand the differences in Hispanic consumers, where the different groups are located, and how to make smart decisions to reach this growing consumer segment based on the composition of each location’s trade area.


What will the Hispanic Acculturation Insights solution do for me?

Better understand Hispanic customer differences with acculturation insights.

Improve your understanding of Hispanic consumers so you can identify the best ways to reach them.

Identify acculturation levels.

See which block groups are composed primarily of Acculturated Hispanics, Bi-Cultural Hispanics, Low Acculturated Hispanics, or Non-Hispanic consumers through a layer in SCOUT.

Determine your marketing direction.

Optimize your communication at the store level by using insights to determine the correct language for signage, advertising, and employees.

Ensure your store is offering relevant products.

Determine which stores should offer products that appeal to Hispanic consumers with close ties to their cultural roots and which stores should not.

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