IP Targeting

One-to-one 100% cookie-free IP targeting solution.


With Buxton’s IP Targeting Solution you can specifically target your best potential customers’ or patients’ household IP addresses. IP Targeting is a marketing tactic that allows your brand to target market at the household level based off of physical address, converted to IP address.

Instead of spending marketing dollars on generic digital ads to a mass population, target customers, patients or businesses at the location level.


What will the IP Targeting solution do for me?

Create custom campaigns for specific, targeted audiences.

With IP Targeting you are able to customize your campaign at every level. Optimization options include audience size based on who your best customer or patient is, precision targeting with suggested daily impression rates, customizable start and end dates, the opportunity to define day part and day of week level specificity, and the ability to indicate which websites you would like your ad to appear on and which you would rather avoid.

Combine IP targeting with direct mail, email marketing and SEO.

Get the best of both worlds when you reach customers and patients in multiple ways. By leveraging direct mail, email and your SEO strategy with IP targeted marketing you are able to announce what is coming or reinforce what was already sent to an even more targeted audience. Create immediately actionable calls to action and provide multiple impressions, all while building brand.

Promote grand openings, relocations, and special offers.

Stop wasting ad spend on mass audience banner advertising. With Buxton’s IP Targeting, you’re able to promote any event or call to action with precision based on who your best customer or patient is, down to the household level.

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