Market Entry Analysis

Know where to plant your flag with your market entry analysis.


The Market Entry Analysis is a valuable component in determining market share opportunity in your new and expanding markets. Accelerate your growth strategies by understanding how many franchise territories a market can support. Then, plant your flag in the best locations for each market.


What will the Market Entry Analysis solution do for me?

Establish your presence in new markets.

Explore new franchise opportunities to enter into new markets with confidence by utilizing Buxton’s Market Entry Analysis solution.

Rank potential territories.

Prioritization is key when assessing business growth objectives. This solution allows you to rank territories by potential, which provides a clear and strategic roadmap for growth.

Optimize expansion plans.

Not only can we provide sustainable market suggestions, but our solution can also tell you which markets should be top priorities. Realign franchise marketing efforts in markets with the highest ROI.

Increase corporate profit.

By increasing franchise sales, you are selling more territories, expanding your brand and more effectively growing your business.

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