Omnichannel Analysis

Understand the impact of your omnichannel efforts on your business marketing strategies.


Allowing your customers to shop how, where and when they want is a must for surviving in today’s retail world. Buxton’s Omnichannel Analysis gives you an in-depth look at all of your cross-channel efforts and how they play together to affect your bottom line —ultimately allowing you to optimize your business marketing strategies across all channels.


What will the Omnichannel Analysis solution do for me?

Optimize online and offline business marketing strategies.

Understand the interplay between your online presence and your physical stores. Buxton can determine how to optimize your store locations and how that influences your bottom line.

Achieve a unified view of your customers.

When all your cross-channel data is combined, Buxton shows you not only a unified view of your customers, but also their channel affinities, path to purchase, habits, preferences and attitudes.

Streamline your advertising and marketing efforts.

By understanding what your best customers look like and which ones respond best across each channel, you can fine-tune your targeting of potential customers.

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