Redevelopment Strategies

Revitalize once thriving areas of town with data-driven economic development strategies.


With many companies choosing to migrate to larger, less expensive lots outside of an urban sector, cities may need to implement a strategy for filling those vacant buildings. With the ability to execute local economic development strategies, Buxton gives you the tools and knowledge to help redevelop those key areas by identifying new retailers and restaurants that will best fit each specific site.


What will the Redevelopment Strategies solution do for me?

Recruit new retailers and restaurants.

Buxton’s redevelopment strategy gives cities the tools they need to confidently revitalize key areas of town through the recruitment of new retailers and restaurants.

Increase sales tax revenue.

Recruiting new retail means an increase in tax revenue, reducing retail leakage and satisfying your residents’ desire to shop in that area of town.

Retain current businesses in that area of town.

As current businesses see the revitalization efforts taking place, they will be more likely to invest in their current locations rather than looking for local economic development strategy options elsewhere.

Draw visitors to that area of town.

Buxton’s expert analytics can ensure that your redevelopment efforts are bringing in the best retailers to appeal to residents and visitors alike.

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